Cross Country to Colorado Springs

Eric and I left North Carolina early on a Sunday, with the intent of driving nonstop to Colorado Springs, so that we could visit and comfort our dear cat, Whiskers, in his final days.  Unfortunately, he declined rapidly this last day, and as we pulled in to a restaurant for lunch, we received a call … Continue reading

Whiskers Newman: In Memoriam

Our dear little Whiskers passed away on St. Patrick’s Day this year.  Here is his story. On February 13, 2011, I was on my way to Vincennes for a 6 am shift.  Just a couple of miles from the hospital, I spotted a kitten jumping into the wheel well of a car stopped at an … Continue reading

The Outer Banks: Ocracoke, North Carolina

From Hilton Head, we traveled north along the coast, to our new destination: Ocracoke (okra-coke) Island, part of the Outer Banks.  Here we spent the second week of March in blissful, beachy isolation. The only way on or off Ocracoke is by ferry or plane.  We took a ferry across the sound. Two hours later, … Continue reading

Hilton Head, South Carolina

From Florida, we headed north a few hours to Hilton Head.  We had heard a lot of good things about this particular destination, so we decided to give it a go.  It was particularly touristy; golf courses and tennis courts everywhere.  Our interests didn’t jive with the island crowd so well.  Luckily, the beaches were … Continue reading

Savannah, Georgia

Ah, Savannah!  How to begin?  Savannah is the pinnacle of southern beauty and charm.  It made me feel a sense of sorrow and loss on behalf of New Orleans, a city I grew up in and around; Savannah lived up to the potential that New Orleans held, but always fell short of (at least in … Continue reading

Beaufort and Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

CAUTION: This blog may contain more lame jokes than normal. Thanks to Facebook, I discovered that one of my cousins (my second cousin, once removed, to be exact) was staying in Hilton Head at the same time we were.  My family is good about having massive family reunions, so chances are, that no matter where … Continue reading

Cape Canaveral, We Are Go for Launch

The action-packed morning of March 1st found us early: we left our new digs in Cape Canaveral for the Kennedy Space Center.  This was the day we gazed on as the SpaceX rocket, Dragon, was launched for a rendezvous with the International Space Station. We arrived bright and so, very early, to board a bus … Continue reading

Flower detail

Flower detail from Lost Maples State Natural Area.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Photographed in Lost Maples State Nature Area.

Texas Hill (Mountain) Country

Toward the end of February, we spent four days in the hill (mountain) country of Central Texas. The cabin we rented was on the banks of the Rio Frio, a beautiful, clear, lazy river, perfect for tubing in the summertime. While in hill country, Eric took some long road rides on his bicycle, while I … Continue reading