Cross Country to Colorado Springs

Eric and I left North Carolina early on a Sunday, with the intent of driving nonstop to Colorado Springs, so that we could visit and comfort our dear cat, Whiskers, in his final days.  Unfortunately, he declined rapidly this last day, and as we pulled in to a restaurant for lunch, we received a call from my sister.  It was time to say goodbye to our dear little kitty-man, over speakerphone, just before he was put to sleep.  It was tearful on our part, but there was lots of purring on his end, so I think we communicated well.

The rest of the day was pretty somber.  We finally arrived in the wee hours of the morning, grateful to see our Tiger, and in the morning, our favorite baby, Zoe!


Our niece, Zoe!

First things first, Uncle Eric was subjected to and passed his tonsil insepction!

No tonsils here.

No tonsils here.

This was a quick trip, since we already had plans to visit Eric’s cousin in Pennsylvania the next week.  We had a great visit with Nick and Lauren, and Zoe, and even managed to get in some biking and hiking.

Eric took this one day, while mountain biking.

Eric took this one day, while mountain biking.

More gorgeous Colorado scenery.

More gorgeous Colorado scenery, as seen from a bike.

Road biking now.

Road biking now.

Yoda's first hike.  Chilly it was.

Yoda’s first hike. Chilly it was.



We spent lots of quality time with the kitties, too.  Here are Lauren’s cats and our Tiger.

Mr. Big, Whiskers' best friend.

Mr. Big, Whiskers’ best friend.

The mostly-evil Carrie.

The mostly-evil Carrie.

Tiger, the Handsome, Sweet and Deaf.

Tiger, the Handsome, Sweet and Deaf.

A lot of my time in Springs was spent doing schoolwork – next week was midterms.  I did take time to cuddle as much as possible.

Zoe and Aunt Holly.

Zoe and Aunt Holly.

Uncle Eric got some quality time in, too. :)

Uncle Eric got some quality time in, too. 🙂

And that was it for this trip.  Across country we go, on our way to PA!

Rock out, y'all!

Rock out, y’all!


3 Responses to “Cross Country to Colorado Springs”
  1. Say hello to my home, will ya? 😉

  2. And more importantly guys, sorry to hear about Whiskers. 😦

  3. Cathy Briner says:

    Hi Neighbors! We miss you. Thankful that you are well and having a wonderful trip. We are good. Our Lauren had baby on March 30. She and Joel are proud parents of our granddaughter Quinn Ellen. We are going down tomorrow to babysit when Lauren has to go back to school (maternity leave over on Tuesday!) Sorry to hear about Whiskers.
    Take care….drive safely (car and bikes 🙂 Love to you both. Cathy & Chuck

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