Canada, eh? Four days in Jasper

When we arrive in a new town, we typically visit the visitors’ welcome center.  There, we are advised which campgrounds have openings (many of them in Banff and Jasper were at full capacity each night, despite tourist season being “over”); we also get hiking advice and trail maps. Our stay in Jasper was initially planned … Continue reading

Back Home Again in Indiana

In early June, we headed for home turf, and the bike races sponsored by Eric’s team, Guitar Lab.  My dad was in town for a wedding (Congrats, Nathan & Ashley), and purposely arrived two days early, simply to have the chance to catch Pork Chop Night at the Hornville Tavern.  We met my mom’s side … Continue reading

Cross-Country Trek: Colorado Springs to Flagstaff to Evansville

Howdy, friends.  I’m getting back to my roots in Tulsa, Oklahoma on this fine evening – en route to Evansville for the next week or so.  It has been about 19 years since I lived here, but it is still pretty recognizable.  One look at Oral Roberts University brought back all sorts of inappropriate jokes … Continue reading

Training update

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, so I figured now was the time for a few updates on how my cycling is progressing…. To all that haven’t heard, I got my ticket into the Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race on Feb. 15th, this is a lottery drawn event, I had no expectations of getting in, … Continue reading

Bicycle Fit Session

This is the beginning of my 6th year of cycling; I’ve always been interested in getting a proper bicycle “fit”, but always talked myself out of it. I haven’t had any major issues while riding my bike, just little annoyances that flair up from time to time…but have always wondered if a professional fit would … Continue reading