A Childhood Paradise Revisited: Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

The next stop on our journey holds a dear place in my heart, for it was the site of family vacations I took as a child.  I have fond memories of my mom, dad, brother and me (in the days before my sister), exploring the wilderness of Mount Nebo State Park.  Our A-frame cabin was … Continue reading

Team Guitar Lab Training Camp – Chattanooga, Tennessee

We gladly welcomed the arrival May, for it brought with it a number of lovely things: a brief respite from school, a long weekend with the friends and comrades of Team Guitar Lab, and of course, more cycling!  The Team reunited on the outskirts of Chattanooga for some strenuous training in the mountains, to be … Continue reading

Action-packed Asheville, NC

We made the short drive (yay!) from Burnsville to Asheville and settled in our new digs, a rustic cabin complete with fantastic host and two fluffy kitties.  Once again, the drive up to our lodgings made me break out in a cold sweat just a bit.  There are some seriously steep, shoulder-less roads in North … Continue reading