Saying Goodbye to Momma

This weekend, my sister asked me to assemble some information, for a very young friend of a friend who is dying of cancer.  My siblings and I lost our mother almost five years ago to breast cancer.  We were lucky, in that we knew what was coming, and planned things to take full advantage of … Continue reading

Traveling Is Complicated

Abandoning the everyday in favor of constant travel and exploration sounds fantastically lovely, no?  So far, it has been, but getting started was a bit more complicated than we had anticipated.  We persevered through the process and everything has worked out well (we have great karma), but here are a few tricky situations we encountered: … Continue reading

The Origins of Wanderlust

Early last year, Eric and I decided we were ready for change; ready to get out of Dodge.  I have moved quite a few times, having grown up in various parts of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Indiana.  We both love to travel, especially out west. We set our sights on Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains … Continue reading