Labor Day Weekend in Denali National Park

There are so many amazing photos to share in this post, so I’m going to get all of my typing over with, and put them in order at the end (feel free to scroll down!).  Enjoy! Before coming to Alaska, we had received advice from countless friends and family, regarding what we should do and … Continue reading

Canada, eh? Four days in Jasper

When we arrive in a new town, we typically visit the visitors’ welcome center.  There, we are advised which campgrounds have openings (many of them in Banff and Jasper were at full capacity each night, despite tourist season being “over”); we also get hiking advice and trail maps. Our stay in Jasper was initially planned … Continue reading

A Childhood Paradise Revisited: Mt. Nebo, Arkansas

The next stop on our journey holds a dear place in my heart, for it was the site of family vacations I took as a child.  I have fond memories of my mom, dad, brother and me (in the days before my sister), exploring the wilderness of Mount Nebo State Park.  Our A-frame cabin was … Continue reading

Action-packed Asheville, NC

We made the short drive (yay!) from Burnsville to Asheville and settled in our new digs, a rustic cabin complete with fantastic host and two fluffy kitties.  Once again, the drive up to our lodgings made me break out in a cold sweat just a bit.  There are some seriously steep, shoulder-less roads in North … Continue reading

Training update

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, so I figured now was the time for a few updates on how my cycling is progressing…. To all that haven’t heard, I got my ticket into the Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race on Feb. 15th, this is a lottery drawn event, I had no expectations of getting in, … Continue reading

Tallahassee Tales

Eric and I departed Texas on February 23, heading for Tallahassee, Florida.  My second cousin, Amelia, and her family live there, and they graciously offered to host us for a few days of our journey.  We were hoping to meet up with another cousin, Becky, but she was off to Daytona for the race that … Continue reading