Canada, eh? The Final Leg!

Readers, we last saw you at the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake… More scenic views awaited us, as we traveled farther west along the Alaska Highway. We stopped for a nice shot of the Robert Campbell Bridge in Whitehorse, YT, below.  Two older Indian brothers and one of their wives were also stopped, enjoying … Continue reading

Canada, eh? The Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake

Once upon a time in 1942, a young man was tasked with the replacement of a road marker sign.  In an inspired moment of homesickness, he not only replaced the sign, but improved upon its design: adding the name and distance to his hometown, from the remote Watson Lake, Yukon Territory.  Over the years, fellow … Continue reading

Canada, eh? The Alaska Highway

From Jasper, we drove north to the start of the Alaska Highway. Traffic was sparse (mostly pipeline workers and equipment), the countryside was gorgeous, and the mountain passes were abundant. Over these two days, we made great gains in latitude – here’s Eric in the Yukon Territory! -H

Canada, eh? Four days in Jasper

When we arrive in a new town, we typically visit the visitors’ welcome center.  There, we are advised which campgrounds have openings (many of them in Banff and Jasper were at full capacity each night, despite tourist season being “over”); we also get hiking advice and trail maps. Our stay in Jasper was initially planned … Continue reading

Canada, eh? Two Days in Banff

Banff is a charming resort town set in the Canadian Rockies, known for its hiking, skiing and scenery.  It’s a bit like an Aspen of the north: a little ritzy and luxurious, with some olde world charm.  On the whole, it’s a nice town, albeit a bit touristy. Eric and I explored the area by … Continue reading

Canada, eh? The Icefields Parkway

Upon leaving Banff, Eric and I continued north along the Icefields Parkway.  We opted to take this scenic route north through the Canadian Rockies while it was still open for the summer season.  Many places in Canada and Alaska close for “winter” in mid-September, and the Parkway is one of them. There is nothing that … Continue reading

Canada, eh? Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and Other Wonders

A few miles outside of Fort Macleod is the Head-Smashed-In (it feels so wrong to capitalize a preposition!) Buffalo Jump, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  For thousands of years, the Plains Indians would “hunt” bison here, by stampeding them over a sheer precipice.  The colorful name is derived from one of the young men of … Continue reading