Canada, eh? Four days in Jasper

When we arrive in a new town, we typically visit the visitors’ welcome center.  There, we are advised which campgrounds have openings (many of them in Banff and Jasper were at full capacity each night, despite tourist season being “over”); we also get hiking advice and trail maps.

Our stay in Jasper was initially planned as a two-day trip, but we enjoyed it so much, we spent four days exploring the Canadian countryside here.  Luckily, we extended our camping reservations to find that we had reserved the last available tent site in our campground.

We stayed in the Wapiti Campground, just outside of town.  Multi-use paths connect Wapiti to numerous hiking and biking trails, and also to the town of Jasper, so exploration was simple.


Eric scoped out the area on his mountain bike.

Sometimes, we will visit local bike shops to get advice on which trails Eric should ride and which ones are safe for a beginner, like me.


Eric took me on a “ten-mile bike ride” that turned into 25 or so; we got a little lost, but it was beautiful!


Returning to the campground, we hit the showers. This little guy was just outside (with momma elk in view) when we finished.

The hiking was also exceptional in Jasper.  We drove a couple of miles south to the Valley of the Five Lakes Trailhead and set out for a good hike.  The parking lot fills up fast (there was a line waiting on our spot when we finished), so arrive early.  The Five Lakes were all formed by glacial runoff, and have that lovely turquoise tint.


Eric crosses marshland.




The trail and surrounding beauty.


Eric, on the Valley of the Five Lakes Trail.


I like big rocks (and I cannot lie).


Eric the Brave.


One of the five lakes.


This little squirrel had a long conversation with me.


Another gorgeous lake.


Eric and Lake Number Three.


Here, you may see how crystal-clear the water is.


Idyllic boat scene.

On our journey through Canada, we saw many unique, off-road, zombie-apocalypse-proof-type vehicles.  One was a gigantic four-wheel-drive red monstrosity, whose front end looked like a regular passenger bus, and whose back end resembled a matrix of coffin-sized sleeping spaces, arranged across the width of the ‘bus” with a small window for ventilation in each.  That thing followed us from the Columbia Icefield to our campground in Jasper, but I never managed a photo.  Here’s another I did get a snapshot of:


One of the few shots I managed to get, of the unique travel vehicles. we encountered.


Eric took this one on a lone MTB ride.


Too steep for me!


Heading to town under a double rainbow in Jasper.

We enjoyed the town of Jasper, too.  One day, I sought out WIFI at the local library, intending to do schoolwork.  I was a bit distracted by the community ice skating rink to which the library was attached, which was blasting Led Zeppelin music loud enough to make the walls vibrate.  Jasper was a groovy town.  I highly recommend a visit, if you’re in the area.  

Until next time,


One Response to “Canada, eh? Four days in Jasper”
  1. Mary Anne Loehr says:

    Thank you! I so love vicariously visiting these places again. My strong memory if Jasper was waking up in the morning in June with I’ve crystals in place of dew on our tent :). And how very Happy my girls were to go over to Grandma and Grandpa Loehr’s camper that had Heat and Warmth!!!

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