Canada, eh? Two Days in Banff

Banff is a charming resort town set in the Canadian Rockies, known for its hiking, skiing and scenery.  It’s a bit like an Aspen of the north: a little ritzy and luxurious, with some olde world charm.  On the whole, it’s a nice town, albeit a bit touristy.


The streets of Banff on a crisp August morn.

Eric and I explored the area by hiking…with bear spray in tow.


As you can see, most signs were displayed in two languages.  It’s been fun to pick up a few words and sayings here and there – it reminds me of time spent as a kiddo in Louisiana.  It seems like half of my classmates there spoke Cajun French, and I still remember some songs we used to sing, like “Frere Jacques.”

Anyway, Eric and I did a bit of hiking in the area over the two days we stayed; here are some pictures from The Toe Trail.







Love the steep cliff illustration on this one.


This photo has a bit of a Snake River and the Tetons feel to it, no?


Smokey and me.

Au revoir!


One Response to “Canada, eh? Two Days in Banff”
  1. TheRunt says:

    Beautiful nature!

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