Canada, eh? CO to AB

After receiving a very gracious invitation from my cousin, Edie, in Alaska, Eric and I decided this scenic drive was a must for our year-o’-travel.  Bicycle racing season FINALLY ended for Eric, so we headed north in mid-August.  Up until this time, we had been renting condos or staying with family or at B&B’s.  Since the weather was cooling off nicely, we outfitted and set out with intentions of camping.

Our total journey, from Colorado Springs to Anchorage, lasted twelve days.  We dawdled along the Icefields Parkway and stayed longer in scenic places.  To document our journey and lovely surroundings, we photographed our tent set-up every night.  All accommodations I mention by name are recommended, in case you might be interested for a future trip.

Beginning in Colorado Springs, a mere 60 hours of drive-time stood ahead of us.  Much of the first day was uneventful, familiar territory that we have driven before.  We stopped in Fort Collins, in search of a new mountain bike tire for Eric and scored free lunch at the local bike shop, along with some deeply discounted winter gloves for Holly.  We took these fortuitous events as omens from the travel gods that our trip would be blessed.


Day One: The Indian Campground in Buffalo, Wyoming

Onward we drove, in such a hurry to cross the border.


An idyllic front porch in Lavina, MT.

Wyoming and Montana were about what you’d expect: sparse, dry and grassy.


Typical Wyoming scene.


Furry friends could take advantage of dummy hydrants behind the rest stops in Montana – how considerate!


True grit.

We crossed into the country of maple leaves in Sweetgrass, Montana.  Even Eric was allowed into the country (a change from our last attempt to enter, when he forgot he was pocketing a switchblade…).  All in all, it was a good day.


Day Two: the Daisy May Campground in Fort Macleod, AB

A babbling brook whispered these sleepy travelers off that night.



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