Team Guitar Lab Training Camp – Chattanooga, Tennessee

We gladly welcomed the arrival May, for it brought with it a number of lovely things: a brief respite from school, a long weekend with the friends and comrades of Team Guitar Lab, and of course, more cycling!  The Team reunited on the outskirts of Chattanooga for some strenuous training in the mountains, to be capped off by the 3 State, 3 Mountain Challenge.

*Please note: I didn’t have a lot of photos from this weekend, so I took the liberty of pilfering Facebook for some good ones.  Many thanks to Caron Leader and Terry McGinnis for your heretofore unknown contributions!*


A veritable fleet of vehicles carries the teammates from far and wide.

The guys on the team rode together…that’s about all I know about that.  Meanwhile, the fabulous Caron Leader and I rode the 26-mile 3S3M route on Thursday.


Lovely views surrounded us – Trenton, Georgia is seen below.


Which way now?

On Friday, Terry, Caron, and I drove to Ruby Falls, where we intended to bike “a little ways up the mountain, where we can do some ridge riding on rolling hills.”  It turned out to be a loooong way further up the mountain, and we never did make it to those ridges, but what a fun day!


Caron and me, breaking for much-needed snacks at the Lookout Mountain Starbucks.


We had to stop and marvel at the seriously steep cog rail train, ascending the mountain.


Welcome to Rock City! I always wondered what this place was like, having seen it advertised on so many old barn roofs, scattered throughout the midwest.


Terry and me, striking a pose at Ruby Falls.


Male bonding over bicycles. ❤

Saturday, the day of 3S3M, began in the hopes that the sprinkling rain would move out, and leave behind good riding conditions for the team’s intended 100-mile ride.  Unfortunately, things only got worse as the day went on.  Most of the team opted to end the ride early, since the route conveniently passed by our luxuriously warm cabin, featuring a roaring fireplace and bubbling hot tub.  One brave soul finished all 100 miles: Aaron Briner.  Kudos to you!


Team Guitar Lab, just before take off.

Terry and Caron and I also attempted a ride on Sunday; it didn’t last too long.  Brrr!  We wrapped up the weekend with a delicious dinner out at the Mellow Mushroom.


A dinner shot of Caron and Mike, demonstrating Terry’s artistic interpretation.

So long, team!



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