Early Spring in Evansville

In early April, we returned to Evansville…just in time to leave for a bike race in St. Louis!  Eric was excited to rejoin his teammates in one of their first races of the year.  Go Team Guitar Lab!


Raring to go!


And, they’re off!


Eric is out front for a bit.


A leader scopes out the competition.




Some of my favorite ladies were spectating!


And it’s a sprint to the finish!


After the race, it’s time to feed those muscles: shake that protein!

We had a great Italian meal with old friends and teammates in St. Louis, and returned to Evansville.  There, we stayed with gracious hosts and friends, Tom & Kari Mueller.


Daisy Mueller, who did not attend the race, was nevertheless, one tired puppy.

I spent much of the week catching up on homework (it was a rough semester) and Eric ran errands, taking care of our affairs around town.  We also rode bikes with our favorite club, Tour d’Eville, and with some friends.

As part of our tradition when visiting the area, we were treated to a fierce ladies vs. gents “Catchphrase Deathmatch,” to quote Dave Kuykendall.  As usual, the Muellers, Kuykendalls and Newmans divide along gender lines and the ladies kick butt while the men mutter about ESP being unfair, at  the same time trying to run the clock down without us noticing.  Good luck, fellas.



We also had a great dinner with Holly’s side of the family, and managed to squeeze in a visit to our favorite local restaurant, The Farmer’s Daughter.  Eric actually biked to Princeton that day from Evansville, and I drove up and met him for a delightful lunch, complete with the requisite chocolate chunk cookies.  Yum!

Saturday coincided with the awesome experience that is YART.  Allowing for “…acquisition of local fine art work in the casual, non-threatening, and friendly environment of a yard party,” YART is a biannual affair taking place on the front lawn of friends Jesika and Toby Ellis.  Holly scored some cool finds, while Eric rode his bicycle (of course).  The October YART sale is fast approaching (10/19, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. CT, you blog readers!), and I cannot recommend it enough.  It simply must be experienced.

It was a fast-paced week visiting the hometown, as always.  There are always so many friends and family who want to spend time with us, and for that we are very grateful.  Tune in next time for an adventure in North Carolina!



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