Weekend updates

Holly & I both had a great weekend in Houston, below are some updates…


7:30am roll out in Sugar Land, TX with the SWCC Racing Team, great group of strong riders; we hammered out ~63 miles passing TONS of cyclists training for the BP MS 150 Houston-Austin event, I couldn’t believe how many cyclists were on the road!

Another cyclist in the group had an interesting name, he was Eric Newman, below is a pic of the two Eric’s! Eric was a great guy, we rode together most of the ride…it was nice knowing his name 🙂


Holly joined her dad for a 2-hour yoga session Saturday morning; after my bike ride & their yoga we all met for lunch at the Black Walnut Cafe, their food never disappoints.

Later Saturday evening Holly and I had a great home-cooked dinner with Holly’s dad, brother & sister-in-law, good times were had by all.


7:30am roll out in Chappell Hill, TX for a 64 mile bike ride, thanks to the crew from SWCC for this recommendation. Chappell Hill is an hour drive from Houston, but completely worth it due to lightly traveled roads and actual hills! The terrain around Chappell Hill reminded me of southern Indiana. I rode with the Northwest Cycling Club, which also consisted of a great group of folks, everyone has been very welcoming.

An interesting fact about the Northwest Cycling Club, they were the USA Cycling 2012 Division II Club of the Year, very cool!

One rider that I talked to for much of the ride was a guy named Cody, originally from Louisiana; Cody and I talked about racing and how we love riding, Cody told me he has lost 85 lbs since 2010 due to cycling, this is fantastic! Great job to Cody, very impressive!

Holly worked on homework most of the day, as she continues studies for her Masters Degree.

Sunday evening we ended up joining family again for dinner at Holly’s brother & sister-in-law’s home.

That’s all I have for now…I know, nothing too exciting, but that will come with time!

– E

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  1. Dave says:

    Good stuff Team Newman:)!

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