Traveling Is Complicated

Abandoning the everyday in favor of constant travel and exploration sounds fantastically lovely, no?  So far, it has been, but getting started was a bit more complicated than we had anticipated.  We persevered through the process and everything has worked out well (we have great karma), but here are a few tricky situations we encountered:

  • not owning a home makes finding insurance for possessions very difficult
  • the Federal Government and banks have to have a permanent address for you, even if you don’t permanently live anywhere
  • the challenge of deciding what to pack for an entire year, assuming everything, including FOUR bicycles, must fit inside of or on top of an SUV

We love to travel, because it opens up whole new worlds and new ideas to us.  It allows us to better understand our fellow human beings, to behold the beauty that surrounds us, and to discover new things about ourselves.  Travel is good for the soul.


3 Responses to “Traveling Is Complicated”
  1. Joe Vieke says:

    I took a trip out to Moab some years ago. While riding the awesome single track and by awesome I mean awe inspiring I met an Englishman who was a month away from finishing a similar journey. He had worked for an insurance company that had to cut back due to heavy losses after 9 11. Instead of looking for another job he and his wife decided to go on a two year holiday. They purchased two round the world airline tickets and did exactly that— travelled the world. They had a time that books can written about. Have fun Holly and Eric– live the dream for all of us. By the way, the only place that the couple visited twice in their trip was Moab. They paid extra to do it. You really should go there. Everybody who rides a fat tire should go there at least once

  2. Anna says:

    I’m so happy for you both! I can’t imagine how stressful it was to get started on this journey. But I am 100% jealous of you guys and your journey. I’m praying and thinking of you often! Sending you hugs! Oh and if you go to Fla check out Anna Maria Island. Its beautiful!!

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