The Origins of Wanderlust

Early last year, Eric and I decided we were ready for change; ready to get out of Dodge.  I have moved quite a few times, having grown up in various parts of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Indiana.  We both love to travel, especially out west.

We set our sights on Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains and our newest niece, Zoe (not to mention Holly’s sister and brother-in-law).  We started to plan – informing family and friends, tentatively job-hunting online, and putting our home up for sale.  The house took a few months to sell.  During this time, an idea snuck into my mind: if we are going to be moving and between jobs anyway, why not travel?

Eric was hesitant at first, but came around to the idea.  I slowly negotiated more and more travel time with Eric, and it was finally settled.  We intend to travel for approximately one year, exploring North America (and abroad, if I get my way).

And so it came to pass, we abandoned the bustling metropolis of Hazleton, Indiana, and set out on a quest for knowledge, adventure and of course, cycling.Image

The Old Homestead

3 Responses to “The Origins of Wanderlust”
  1. Mary Anne Loehr says:

    So happy for both of you. Keep on moving wherever your heart leads you with no regrets, only joy 🙂

  2. It’s so awesome y’all are doing this! I’m one of those Hazletonians that never go anywhere. My BFF and I took a girls vacation last year to Disney and it was such a shock. I’d never really been out of the area and it’s so amazing. So many things to see, do and people to meet. God Speed! So excited for you two!

    • Susie Tieken says:

      Wow, I wish my girls could do that.. They love travel too. I will keep up on all the thing you do. Have fun and enjoy every second of it. Be Safe…

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